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The Bible in 50 Words- Wednesday nights Dinner: 5:30pm Class: 6:00pm-7:30pm


Interesting facts

  • The Church of the Incarnation is the oldest church in Mineral. 
  • The first services of what was to become The Church of the Incarnation were held in the late 1880’s and early 1890’s in the living room of the Superintendent of the Arminius Pyrite Mines. 
  • Bishop Robert A. Gibson, the 6th Bishop of the Diocese of Virginia, consecrated the building on June 11, 1905. The original cornerstone was replaced on August 27, 1988, and the old one was opened the next day. Among the recovered artifacts, which unfortunately had been damaged by moisture, was the signature of the Rev. Morris Stockwell Eagle, a bible, a prayer book, a hymnal, a Mexican one centavo coin dated the year Tolersville became Mineral City, a Masonic apron, and a pair of Masonic gloves.
  • Since that time, few changes have been made to the sanctuary beyond normal improvements. Fifteen stained glass windows have been added in memory of past members. A carved walnut pulpit, prayer desk and altar were gifts from another Church of the Incarnation located in New York City 
  • As there is no Lutheran Church in the Mineral or Louisa area, Church of the Incarnation has a large Lutheran population and welcomes all to attend service

*Photo credit for painting: Paul McGehe

Repair of our Stained Glass Windows


The Church of the Incarnation was founded in the late 1880s when most people walked to church or traveled by horse and carriage. Now hundreds of cars pass our church every day and along with the elements have taken a toll on our stained-glass windows.  We need to restore the windows, some of which are believed to have been installed in 1902 when the church building was completed. 

Great news! As of August 2018: the Windows have been completely restored. We will now be working on plaques for the windows as several were donated in honor or memory of someone. We will also have a dedication service for the windows: early 2019.

If you would like to view the windows, please join us for Sunday worship at 10:30 AM or call Sandy Brockel who is chairing the fundraising, at 540-270-8940, and she will be glad to meet you at the church at another time. 


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Sunday Services begin at 10:30 am EST, Everyone is welcome! Typically fellowship and food to follow service. 

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